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Specialty Coffee

Try Our Specialty Coffee Today

Cafetos Roaster Company makes a range of delicious specialty coffee products. We use only the finest specialty coffee beans to ensure the best, boldest, and richest flavors. If you’re looking for a new delicious specialty coffee to try, here are some of our amazing offerings to consider for your next cup of Joe.

  • Geisha Natural is a light to medium roast made with single-origin specialty coffee beans. Try the Geisha Washed version for a subtle twist on this popular flavor.

  • We offer both washed and natural specialty coffee, depending on your preference. Washed coffee is made without the cherry and is de-pulped, fermented in water, then washed clean. This specialty coffee has bright, vibrant notes thanks to the removal of the cherry which allows the flavor of the bean to shine through. Fruit notes are somewhat common in washed coffee, but the berry notes aren’t as powerful as they are in natural coffee. The natural coffee process dries the bean with the full cherry intact throughout the process. This gives the bean a more natural, fermented flavor as the bean interacts with the cherry while the flavors break down, creating a richer, deeper, and more flavorful cup for those who like their coffee to taste robust.

  • If you’re looking for the ultimate holiday gift, our Coffee Lover Specialty Holiday Box is a great choice. This gift box includes your choice of a coffee mug, two bags of our coffee (one washed, one natural), and a beautiful tin filled with classic premium butter cookies all packaged in a beautiful gift box.

  • For a unique coffee, try the Maragogipe, which is a unique coffee made using a double fermentation process. This rich coffee is a medium roast but offers coffee fans a chance to try something with an exceptionally rich flavor unlike any other.

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