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The Popularity and Flavor of Washed Coffee Beans

Washed coffee beans or wet coffee is a popular method of processing the beans that adds a unique flavor. In this process, various layers of the bean are removed before the beans are roasted. Water is used to wash off the skin or layers of the bean and all that is left is the parchment and silver skin. The washing process focuses on the bean and its flavor.

It produces a clean flavor where you get to taste the notes of the bean and its unique flavor. This process is suited to coffee beans with strong distinctive flavors. At Cafetos Roaster Company we sell three varieties of washed coffee beans: Sandi Coffee Estate and Panama Geisha. Our Maragogipe coffee beans are fermented underwater for an extra-long time.

The Washing Process Is Complex

When the coffee beans are picked, the beans will be sorted. The reason they are sorted is to remove any defective coffee beans. The coffee beans are often put in water and the beans that float are removed. High-quality beans are denser than water and do not float. Poorly formed beans have seeds with air gaps that float in water. After the beans are sorted, the pulp or skin of the bean is removed by a machine called the de-pulpers and many processors put the coffee beans through a sieve afterward.

Washing the coffee beans often involves letting them sit in tubs of water for 12-48 hours to remove any remaining skin and pectin and to let the flavors ferment. During this time, they check the beans' temperature and acidity while the coffee ferments. There are some companies that have created machines that reduce water usage in this process.

Many processors wash the beans again after they have been fermented. Some processors ferment the beans or wash them a second time resulting in more flavor. Washed coffee beans are then dried in the sun or using a machine. Some roasters use a combination of both, and it produces an excellent quality washed coffee bean.

Washed coffee beans are popular because the process allows you to taste the special flavors and origin of the coffee variety. During the washing and fermentation process, the beans must be closely checked. When the beans are in the water too long, this can ruin the beans. The beans are generally dried to contain about 10-12 % moisture. Over the last several years, the method of washing coffee beans has improved and is easier to control.

Our Washed Coffee Beans

Sandi Washed Coffee Beans has the flavor of milk chocolate, citrus notes, and roasted hazelnuts. It comes in whole beans or ground and can be roasted medium to medium-dark. You can order it in 8 ounces or 14-ounce bags. Panama Geisha beans are processed, washed, and natural. This bean is known as one of the most sought-after by coffee lovers. It is sold in 4 oz bags of whole beans only. It is a light to medium roast.

Maragogipe Coffee Beans are washed for a longer period of time and produce a mild sweet flavor. It is sold in 8-ounce bags with a medium roast. Order our coffee online or if you have questions before ordering, please call us at 214-254-8339, We have coffee subscriptions and gift cards available too.

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